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The Power of Placements with Rose Griffiths

Updated: May 19, 2023

Why did you want to do a placement?

I am currently undertaking a university degree in events management and whilst it provides me with a wealth of knowledge and theory surrounding contemporary topics, I recognise the need to gain practical skills in order to have the best skillset and therefore employment outcomes once completing my degree.

What was your most memorable moment during your placement?

Picking one is just impossible! I think throughout my experience the standout moment was always seeing the hard work come to fruition as you deliver a successful event. Knowing you have been a part of an amazing team that has created a potentially life changing experience for the attendees. I really feel events are such an important catalyst for global development and being a part of that was truly a remarkable experience.

How do you feel a placement has helped you with your development?

My placement helped with quite literally every aspect of my development, both in a professional and personal sense. Thanks to the experience I had, I am now infinitely more knowledgeable about what goes into creating incredible experiences. I have gained skills in a range of areas inside an incredible award-winning agency and have grown in confidence as an aspiring event professional.

Why would you recommend a placement to another student studying in the events field?

Events is a highly practical and hands on industry. By graduating your degree without the practical experience to support it, you are limiting your potential for employment opportunities. Besides employability, placements can provide an endless list of benefits. Whether that’s increasing your network through the events and projects that you work on, helping guide you in your preferred career direction by working out what you enjoy and maybe not so much, being mentored by the pros in the business, learning how they got to where they are, and the advice they would give to you. These examples are without mentioning the incredible opportunities you may be given to work on some of the biggest and most impactful events with the coolest clients and most inspirational team. I am the biggest advocate for placements!

Thank you Rose, for sharing your thoughts.


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