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The Power of Placements with Emily Geater

Why did you want to do a placement?

I found my placement on my own by looking up key words for the industry I

wanted to work in - primarily events / operations - just on job websites. The

only help I got from my university at the time was them helping me with

creating my CV.

I was lucky enough to get the placement that I really wanted, which isn't the

case for most people, and this probably makes be a tad biased but it helped me

mature in so many ways (personally and as a student) and it made me realise

the potential I could see in myself in my future career path.

What was your most memorable moment during your placement?

I was given quite a lot of responsibility in my role, and the people I met I am still

in contact with now and some have helped me in other jobs, so networking is

key! I gained vital skills; interpersonal, budgeting, planning / organising small

events, operational thinking, all of which I use now in my current role as an

Operations Manager.

Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to complete

courses such as First Aid at Work and was awarded my WSET Level 1 in Wines

and Spirits which has also helped in my career and put me further ahead than

some people my age.

How do you feel a placement has helped you with your development?

When I returned to university I was more disciplined in my studies and I found

myself wanting to do extra work instead of going out which was unheard of! All

because I wanted to achieve the best grade possible to open up doors for me to

be in the events world. This reflected in my grades as I received more firsts in

modules than I did in my first and second years - and I'm 100% certain this is

down to doing a placement.

Why would you recommend a placement to another student studying in the events field?

I highly recommend a placement year to any student, the experience is

invaluable and a great foundation for someone to start their career and see if

that particular field is right for them.

Thank you Emily for sharing your thoughts!


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