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The Power of Placements With Isabel Joynes

Why did you want to do a placement?

I wanted to complete a placement year as I wanted to gain vital practical experience.

This is because I understood the value of having a degree as well as ample work experience when it came to graduating.

What was your most memorable moment during your placement?

At my placement at EMU Events Ltd, I was fortunate to travel internationally several times.

I would say my most memorable experience was attending IBTM World 2021, in Barcelona. I found this experience extremely insightful and it allowed me to improve my meeting skills and communication.

How do you feel a placement has helped you with your development?

Completing my placement year allowed my development in many areas of events management. Just some were creativity, resilience, and event logistic.

Why would you recommend a placement to another student studying in the events field?

I would recommend pursuing a placement year in events as it allows insight in a particular field; then from there, you can consider whether the field suits you.

Furthermore, placements are beneficial in developing skills and forming connections.

Thank you Isabel, for sharing your thoughts!


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