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recruit emerging event talent

If you're looking to recruit emerging talent in the event industry, then you're in the right place!

Before posting a role on the Future Event Leaders Marketplace, please review our values.

our values

Find out more about the team behind Future Event Leaders, why our values are important to us and how they are vital to the professionalisation and development of the events industry.

🪜 Better Access

A one-stop-shop for all student, graduate and entry-level jobs and work experience opportunities across the event industry for any and all backgrounds. 🎉

Providing organisations with an engaged talent pool of students, graduates and industry newcomers.

🪜 Better VALUE

We're saying good-bye to unpaid internships! 🙌


We will only offer paid opportunities that are at least national minimum wage)unless the value of unpaid work is equal in other respects such as training, shadowing, mentoring, skill-building or volunteering with charities.

🪜 Better quality

Promoting event-specific, better quality opportunities; where industry newcomers can put their skills, knowledge and understanding into practice, related to your education and experience.


No more misleading job adverts and undervaluing the skills and knowledge that the next generation offers. 🚀

ready to hire?

It is currently free to share your opportunities with us. 

All you have to do is complete our form and agree to our values. 

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if you have any questions about sharing  opportunities on the future event leaders marketplace, get in touch.

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