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Future Event Leaders are on a mission to make the industry more accessible and inclusive for event industry newcomers through sharing high-quality, valuable work experience opportunities.

There were a number of moments that, together, resulting in the concept of Future Event Leaders.

1. Our own personal experiences entering the events industry (You can read more about our experiences here *link to blog posts*)

2. The impact of the pandemic on industry newcomers, that highlighted not only the lack of opportunities and information, but the demand for it. 

3. Market research highlighting that industry newcomers were feeling disadvantaged, unmotivated, and uninspired towards their future careers due to the detrimental impact Covid-19 has had on the event industry.

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The event industry demands practical and first-hand experience, which is why it is vital to generate relevant opportunities for young event professionals now.

Future Event Leaders Meet The Team

meet the team



Each of us entered the event industry from a different route, giving us a well rounded understanding of access routes into the industry, and the difficulties involved.

Future Event Leaders is powered by two community initiatives with a mutual passion to support and develop the next generation of event professionals.

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Event First Steps is a not-for-profit initiative encouraging event industry newcomers to forge their own career path by hosting events to allow newcomers of all ages and abilities to build their networks and learn from industry heavyweights.



Event Grads is a community and support network for event management students and graduates navigating the event industry. Providing community, content and events for the next generation of event professional to bridge the gap between education and industry.


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